Located in central Dalmatia, 10 km away from the town of Sibenik towards the interior, is the Krka National Park. It spreads over 142 square meters and comprises almost two thirds of the river Krka. 

While the entire national park offers a unique experience of untouched nature, top attraction for many visitors are the famous Krka waterfalls and Skradinski Buk as a pure natural swimming pool with 17 waterfalls with height of over 45 meters. In addition, there is a small island Visovac, surrounded by the beautiful clean river Krka, which was inhabited by French monks in the 15th century. Among beautiful greenery there is also a church and monastery from the 16th century. The boat ride through the greater part of the national park provides an opportunity for tourists to enjoy the rich landscape with more than 800 different kinds of plants and trees.

Tourists who visit the Adriatic gladly come to this oasis where every visitor, no doubt, feels renewed contact with Mother Nature. This natural wonder is just as magical in both summer and winter. Book your transport with the best taxi transfer service.