Dubrovnik is located on the Croatian south and it is the most famous Croatian tourist destination. Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century, and in times of Dubrovnik Republic in the Middle Ages it was the only city that could rival Venice.

Today, Dubrovnik is best known as a popular tourist destination. There are about 2 million overnight stays annually, and most tourists arrive by air traffic and cruise ships. Dubrovnik was visited by many Hollywood stars such as Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise, Roger Moore and others. According to the New York Times, Dubrovnik is ranked 36th on the list of world's top tourist destinations.

The city has experienced several disasters in its history, such as the great earthquake in 1667 and the ravages of war in the 90s, but has preserved its rich cultural and historical sights. Dubrovnik is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. The biggest attractions are certainly the impressive city walls, towers, Renaissance palaces, Baroque houses, and beautiful views of the city from multiple points. Dubrovnik has a lot of cultural events and festivals, of which the most famous is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, with theater, music and dance program. For taxi transfer to Dubrovnik, our service is at your disposal.